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  • Mechanical Transmission Products
    Mechanical transmission is widely used in mechanical engineering, mainly refers to the transmission of power and movement by mechanical means.
    Divided into two categories: One is the transmission of power and friction transmission by the friction between the parts; the other is the transmission of power or movement by the engagement of the driving part and the driven part or the transmission of power or movement by the middle part.
    Mobile Power Products
    Cable reel is a power supply for large mobile equipment, control power supply or control signal cable winding device.
    Cable sliding contact line is an indispensable accessory products, which can be used as a spare part of the equipment.
    Port Machinery Automation Products

    Port machinery automation to improve port and container terminal capacity and production efficiency as the goal, according to need to provide comprehensive system solutions, and make full use of the real-time control and process automation theory, and the use of modern information communication technology, the system function is more abundant.

    PEnvironment-friendly Equipments

    With the continuous development of social economy, the demand for quality products of environmental protection is increasing. We are committed to leading the technological progress, service energy saving and environmental protection, the development of clean energy, strengthen the recycling of resources, promote ecological civilization, build a beautiful china.

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